Supported Chains

We continuously work on our Token Builder Bot to make it accessible on all blockchains. As for now, users can create tokens on the Ethereum and BNB Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain).
What's the difference and where should you deploy your token?
BNB Chain
Native Token
Daily Volume
2B - 4B
300M - 1B
Monthly Users
Deploy Costs
~0.5ETH ($750)
~0.04 BNB ($10)
Deploying on the BNB Chain is much cheaper than on Ethereum. Both chains have equal active users with Ethereum having the lead on the traded volume. A lot of the world's most successful tokens were initially deployed on Ethereum, giving it a lead.
If you are new to being an active token developer, we would recommend deploying on the BNB Chain because it is not only cheaper to deploy but also cheaper to trade. The average gas fee on BNB is 10 times less than on Ethereum, which makes it so popular among crypto investors.
It is up to you where you want to deploy your token. Both chains have multiple benefits and disadvantages and we would recommend exploring both chains.