Our Telegram Bot comes with a lot of features no other bot offers.
Renounced Ownership Your safety is our top priority. To ensure utmost security, the ownership can be renounced at any time, eliminating any potential for malicious activities. With this added layer of protection, you can have complete peace of mind. Once you renounce your contract, you are not the owner anymore, which means you can't apply any changes anymore.
Transfer Ownership The ownership of every contract can be transferred to another wallet.
Add Liquidity With our "Add Liquidity" feature developers can add liquidity to their pair immediately after deploying their token. Just select the amount of ETH | BNB and tokens you want to add to the Liquidity Pool.
Enable Trading You alone decide when your token goes live. Many tokens go live straight after the liquidity was added, which can cause multiple problems and allow snipers to buy before your community. We go a new route and allow you to enable trading whenever you are ready.
Set & Manage Taxes You can add separate Buy & Sell taxes and choose where the taxes go. As for now, you can spread the taxes between Liquidity, Burn, Marketing, and Reflections. Taxes are changeable any time after the contract is deployed.
Enable & Disable Taxes If you want to host special events where people can buy & sell your token with no taxes, you can disable them completely. Once you want taxes back on, just press on "Enable Tax" and your previously set tax structure will be active again.
Transfer Tax (Anti Arbitrage Bots) If you want your holders to pay taxes for sending tokens from one wallet to another, just set how much they should be charged and turn Transfer Tax on. This is great to prevent bots from arbitraging your token between exchanges and dumping the price.
Reflections Benefit your loyal holders and give others more reasons to hold! Our audited custom contract gives you the opportunity to distribute a portion of each buy/sell to every holder. Reflections will be given in your token.
Custom Name, Ticker, Supply These are the only required info needed to launch a token. Obviously, you have full freedom in selecting your own Name, Ticker, and Supply.
Add Socials Finding a new token is easy. But getting those people into your Telegram group or Twitter is nearly impossible if you do a stealth launch. That's why we added custom fields for your Website, Telegram, and Twitter to your deployed contract. Anyone who checks your contract on Etherscan/BSCscan will find your socials easily.
Anti Rug Our contracts have a hard-coded tax of a maximum of 30%. This means developers can't charge beyond that, giving users an extra safety zone.
Anti Whale Don't want whales to own a huge amount of your total supply? With our integrated and fully customizable Max Wallet feature, you can decide how much each wallet can own.
Anti Dump With our Max TXN Amount and Max TXN Limit features you can decide how much each wallet can buy or sell at once. This doesn't prevent people from entering or exiting your token. Holders can still buy/sell with multiple transactions.
Create Wallets Users can create up to three multi-chain wallets with a single click. You can import the wallet into Metamask or Trust Wallet at any time.
Manages Wallets Users can create up to three multi-chain wallets with a single click. You can import the wallet into Metamask or Trustwallet at any time.
Send tokens You can use our bot to send any token that's in your wallet to another wallet. Need to send ETH/BNB to a marketer quickly? No problem! Just tap on "Send" and enter the wallet address, token, and amount. That's it.