Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the purpose of the "Update Rewards" function? A: When you stake an amount beyond your initial batch of BlazeX Tokens, the "Update Rewards" function is essential. By activating this, the system fetches updated data to include your additional tokens, ensuring you qualify for rewards in the upcoming cycle.

Q: I staked my BlazeX Tokens for 48 hours but haven't seen any rewards. Why? A: New stakers have a 96-hour waiting period before their first rewards appear. Even though your staking starts from the first cycle, you aren't eligible for its rewards. Once the 96-hour timeframe lapses, you can commence claiming your due rewards.

Q: How does the reward distribution work? A: Your reward amount is proportional to the number of BlazeX Tokens you hold. Every 48-hour cycle accumulates rewards in the staking contract, which are then dispersed among stakers. As an example, if the staking wallet amasses 20 BNB in a cycle you're part of, 30% of this (6 BNB) is divided among all eligible participants. Post each cycle's conclusion, a new accumulation phase starts, gearing up for the subsequent distribution.

Q: Do I have to claim rewards after every cycle? A: No, frequent claiming isn't a necessity. You can opt to auto-compound, letting your rewards enhance your stakes in the following cycle(s). This strategy can be beneficial if you prefer accumulating rewards over an extended period and claim them in a single action, which also saves on repetitive gas fees.

Q: Why is there a mandatory 48-hour window before claiming rewards or unstaking? A: This 48-hour buffer ensures equitable distribution and deters any potential system exploitation. Our two-tiered 48-hour system guarantees fair reward allocation, preventing last-minute staking just to claim rewards.

Q: What are the two 48-hour timers you've mentioned? A: There are two distinct timers:

  • Global 48-Hour Revenue Timer: It ensures all stakers within this period are considered. So, even if you initiate staking late into the cycle, a subsequent 48-hour wait is required to be eligible for the next rewards batch.

  • User 48-Hour Lock Period: After you've staked, your tokens are locked for 48 hours. Post this period, you're free to unstake at will.

Q: The amount displayed on my dashboard, what does it represent? A: This displayed amount signifies rewards set aside for individuals who staked in the recently concluded cycle. Additional revenue generated post this cycle will be earmarked for the upcoming reward distribution.

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