Revenue share

BlazeX provides its token holders with a 50% revenue share, where 30% is directed towards the marketing wallet and the remaining 20% is used for the service of contract deployments. The more tokens you own, the more you stand to benefit. Rewards for ETH BlazeX holders are in ETH, and for BNB BlazeX holders, they're in BNB, offering a way to generate passive income in top cryptocurrencies.
Additionally, holders who possess at least 0.05% of all tokens get exclusive access to 30% of BlazeX's total transaction volume, enhancing their earning potential. With the backdrop of numerous developers seeking contract deployment platforms, BlazeX charges a one-time fee of 0.05 ETH or 0.4 BNB per deployment, suggesting significant revenue streams.
Our bot's multi-chain functionality also allows anyone to develop and mint their own cryptocurrency. Considering a conservative estimate of a hundred daily contract deployments amounting to $10,000, and with thousands of contracts initiated daily on networks like BNB and ETH, BlazeX holders, especially those holding a minimum of 0.05% tokens, are in a promising position for robust returns.