How much does the Bot usage cost? We only charge a one-time service fee of 0.05 ETH for deploys on the Ethereum Network and 0.4 BNB for projects on the BNB Chain.
How much does the deployment cost? The costs of the deployment depend on the current GWEI. Usually, a contract deployment on Ethereum costs 0.4 ETH, and on the BNB Chain 0.04 BNB. The costs are not related to our Bot but to the Blockchain.
Are there hidden fees? No. You will only be charged once as mentioned above, that's it. No percentage cut, no bullshit.
Why is it so cheap? We want to encourage everyone to launch their tokens as cheaply as possible and spend the remaining money on marketing, benefiting the community.
Is it safe? Our contracts got audited by Interfi and can be seen publicly here. We use end-to-end encryption to deliver the Seed Phrases and Private Keys generated once users generate new wallets through our bot. These encrypted information will be deleted immediately from our database once sent to the user.
How many tokens can I launch? As for now, you can launch one token per wallet. You can create, import, and manage up to three wallets with our Telegram Bot.
Which Blockchains do you support? Ethereum and BNB Chain.
Do I need to hold BlazeX tokens to use the bot? No, everyone can access the bot and create their token.